This is how it works


Create a price request

Complete the price request form by submitting information about what packaging you are looking for. Our platform will automatically determine the most-suited manufacturers and connect with them to get the price offer.


Compare the offers

As soon as proposals from manufacturers are ready, you will receive them in your e-mail. All offers are presented in the same format alongside each other, so they are easy to compare and you can make the best decision.


Receive your packaging

Once you have selected the preferred offer, the order details will be finalized, including approval of design files and agreeing on appropriate delivery option. After that, we will make sure that the ordered packaging arrives in due time and expected quality.

Why work with us

Experience, vast knowledge of the market
and transparent process – that is our strong suit

Free of charge

There is no additional fee for obtaining all the necessary information from various manufacturers.

Time economy

Fill in just one form and get several offers that fit your request. All you have to do is choose.

Logistical efficiency

We provide full service, including customs clearance and transportation arrangements.

Transparent offer

We deliver all information we gain from the manufacturer. There is no hidden agenda.

Guaranteed quality

We guarantee that all manufacturers featured on this platform are certified and meet the industry standards. 

Cost effective

The perfect balance in price and quality. Find the most cost-effective solution for your goods here.

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