Manufacturing and Quality quality control standards are loud and clear.
We choose only the best and most trustworthy manufacturers that meet all the requirements

Manufacturer’s verification

  • Surveying the range of products manufacturer provides
  • Checking authenticity of manufacturer’s certificates
  • Checking manufacturer’s documentation – technical data sheet, quality certification, migration testing
  • Surveying the manufacturer and checking its standards on regular basis
  • Evaluating manufacturer’s AML measures


  • Making sure all manufacturers obtain BRC, ISO, TUV certification (industry standards)
  • Keeping track of certification dates and making certain there is no decline in quality afterwards
  • Tendering only the most suitable and safest production plants

Field visit

  • Visiting manufacturers and seeing their production plants
  • Evaluating manufacturer’s involvement in research and product development
  • Assessing production capacity
  • Verification of the employee proficiency
  • Structuring innovations and informing clients about them
  • Verification of the procedures according to certification 

Choice options

When it comes to packaging, one-size-doesn’t-fit-all. One can easily get lost in the details, manufacturing standards, sizes and prices. We always leave you the choice, yet you choose from the best. The clearer your specifications, the easier it is for us to select the most suitable options from our wide range of suppliers.


The offer we get from the manufacturer is the offer we give you. No meddling from our part. We just draw the clear outline: price, lead time, reviews from other customers. The see-through frame allows you to make a quick and certain choice.

Test run

It is understandable that you might want to test the chosen material, especially in case of a bulk order. All manufacturers have such an option either free of charge or as an additional service. We can arrange that according to the manufacturer’s procedure.

A rating system

After every completed order we ask clients to evaluate the deal according to specific parameters: price, lead time, printing and material quality, other comments. These records from us are available for future customers.

Shared responsibility

We stand by our client all the way and make sure everyone is satisfied with the outcome. In case of any problem we look for the fastest and most effective solution. You can count on our support in every stage of the process.

Positive record

Our clients acknowledge we are trustworthy and professional partners that have a grasp of the market. Collaborations continue – clients return to us and orders keep growing. Constructive criticism makes us strive for better, while approvals attract new clients.

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